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A child with a disability can cause great physical, emotional, and financial demands on parents, families, and caregivers, and the needs of caregivers are often ignored or forgotten. Caring for a child with a disability can create stress, depression, and physical problems. Some parents and caregivers may frequently experience depression and sadness when a child with a disability does not achieve the same milestones as other children. Events such as birthdays, graduations, and marriages can trigger these feelings as well. Some parents may fear that they cannot fully participate in other life roles such as husband or wife, son or daughter, student, employee, or volunteer because they are too busy. Others feel guilty spending time away from a child with a disability, especially with other children who are developing normally.

Occupational therapists will take a family-centered approach to treatment of the child, helping caregivers maintain a lifestyle in which the child’s needs are met as well as the rest of the family’s.

What can an occupational therapist do?

What can parents and families do?

(Adapted from www.aota.org)